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#FanExpo: First Nerd Noise Night Tonight!

NNN-2015-SATIf you are currently stationed on the planet Earth, I highly that suggest you make your way down to Nerd Noise Night this evening.

Held at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St. W in Toronto, Nerd Noise Night has been bringing the geek for a number of years now, and this time around appears to be no different.

For more information, check out the official Facebook page:


Your Help Needed for Mystery Minecraft Stream


Tyler Talks Games is headed to Twitch! Every Monday, I will be live streaming my new show Mystery Minecraft at 9pm EST on

What is Mystery Minecraft? Glad you asked! I will be randomly selecting suggestions of what to build, sent in by good people like you.

Have something you think I should build? You can send in your ideas to:

– Twitter: @tylertalksgames

– Facebook:

– Email:

– Commenting on this post

Watch Halo 5 Opening Cinematic

Tyler’s Thoughts:

Does this game not look super-hype? I’ve never been a die-hard Halo fan (not saying that I haven’t enjoyed them), but I think 343 Industries will deliver with this game. I had the chance to try Halo 5: Guardians at #X15 in Toronto earlier this month, and I can say with confidence, it’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

Welcome to Tyler Talks Games!


Welcome to Tyler Talks Games!

First and foremost, thank you for checking out my site! Here you will find news, reviews, interviews, let’s plays, podcasts and much more. Oh yes, more I say.

You’re now in a place where all gaming opinions are welcome without judgement, and you are free to voice your thoughts about whatever subjects are at hand. I encourage you to comment, tweet, message and/or email me on any/all social media platforms, because not only do I want to talk games, I want to talk games with YOU!

So, talk to me, talk to others, or even talk to yourself…let’s just get the conversation rolling!

Because…why not?

Tyler Hodgkinson


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