Toronto ComiCon: A Place for All Geeks


I was lucky enough to attend Toronto ComiCon at the Metro Convention Centre this past weekend, and much to my surprise, video games had a decent presence at the event.

Comics and games have fused together in so many aspects over the years, but aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. That’s why seeing professionals like Ian Flynn and Aleah Baker (Sonic: The Hedgehog, Mega Man), and local artists who have developed pieces around the interactive medium was such a treat.

The big video game booths are usually reserved for Fan Expo, and this year was no different. This is to be expected, as the latter event is more about all things geek, rather than just comics.

Of course, mountains of video game merchandise filled the floor. If you were looking for unique t-shirts, adorable plush toys, or fantastic homemade video game art, there is no way you were leaving empty-handed. Heck, I even walked out with a Kingdom Hearts keyblade to hang proudly in my living room!

As you walk from booth to booth, you never know what you will come across. Tucked away in a corner were two used video game stands, with jaw-dropping collections (and prices) – which, of course, caught my eye instantly.

Sifting through bins is a escapade like no other, and finding a long-lost classic is a cherry on top of a wonderful game sundae.

Two very different PS2 games had me on a sugar rush: Champions of Norrath, and The Bible Game. The first, because I love it so much and can’t find it often. The second, because, well, what even IS that game?

It’s nearly impossible to walk the floor and not bump into a video game themed cos-play. Mario and Luigi are always popular choices, but a few unique costumes, like a group of Mortal Kombat characters, were masterfully made.

Despite being the B-show is nearly every way, Toronto ComiCon is still one heck of an event. It truly has something for everyone, and is a place of warmth for geeks alike, including gamers.

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