Review: Splatoon


Nintendo’s first venture into the shooting game genre comes in the form of a unique, online-focused splatterfest titled Splatoon. As an Inkling, a human-squid hybrid, players must cover as much of the environment with their team’s ink as possible, while fending off an opposing team with the same objective. The fast-paced action leads to frustratingly fun battles, causing both devastating losses and triumphant victories. Splatoon was announced back at E3 2014, and left many heads scratched. Now that the game is available, players are finally able to experience for themselves why Nintendo is so high on this incredible escapade. Read more

#FanExpo: First Nerd Noise Night Tonight!

NNN-2015-SATIf you are currently stationed on the planet Earth, I highly that suggest you make your way down to Nerd Noise Night this evening.

Held at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Queen St. W in Toronto, Nerd Noise Night has been bringing the geek for a number of years now, and this time around appears to be no different.

For more information, check out the official Facebook page:


Your Help Needed for Mystery Minecraft Stream


Tyler Talks Games is headed to Twitch! Every Monday, I will be live streaming my new show Mystery Minecraft at 9pm EST on

What is Mystery Minecraft? Glad you asked! I will be randomly selecting suggestions of what to build, sent in by good people like you.

Have something you think I should build? You can send in your ideas to:

– Twitter: @tylertalksgames

– Facebook:

– Email:

– Commenting on this post

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