Five Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Yo-kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch

In Japan, Yo-kai Watch has sky-rocketed to prominence between its debut in 2014 and now, but in North America, we are only starting to dip our toes into the large amount of content the series already has to offer.

Now that the 3DS game is available to us in the West, there is plenty to justify picking up the impressive title. Here are just five reasons why you should be playing Yo-kai Watch:

Light, Dumb, Awesome

Don’t expect any insightful or profound stories from Yo-kai Watch. Instead, look forward to the familiar loser tale, where you play as a child struggling to fit in. There is a reason why this formula swings back around often, and it’s because we can relate to this type of character so easily.

After you stumble upon a ghost (Yo-kai) who swears to accompany you through the good and the bad, a watch is presented to you in order to spot other ghosts in Springdale who are harming citizens. Befriending the enemies helps build your team into a stronger unit, therefore making it possible to take on the dreaded boss ghosts and save the town.

It’s absurd and humorous, all at the same time.

Ridiculous Amount of Characters


With loads of human characters to interact with, and over 200 unique ghosts, there are plenty of inhabitants in the town you roam around in. In short, this game succeeds thanks to a strong list of humorous and captivating characters. Holy crap, is Jibanyan the cat ever cute.

Companion Show

For those looking for even more content, there is a Yo-kai Watch show that can be viewed, and like the game, it is incredible fun. The show is geared towards children much like Pokemon is, but there is still a level of satisfaction you will get from it. Additionally, it gives more backstory and context to the Yo-kai in the game.

Balanced Gameplay, Stellar Pacing

yokai gameplay

The game actually plays out much like an episode would. Split into chapters, each section takes roughly half an hour to complete and features a fairly singular narrative that is usually only loosely connected to the last. This allows for a great pick up and play experience – not to mention the entertaining side missions only take one to five minutes to complete.

As far as gameplay goes, Yo-kai Watch is accessible but offers a decent level of challenge. Don’t expect to breeze through the game, as some of the battles will take multiple attempts to finish. But for every difficult moment, there is a moment of relaxation and exploration, which makes the pacing juuuuust right.

If you’re in need of a great 3DS title, Yo-kai Watch is it. It will undoubtedly become a success in North America, so expect to hear more from the soon-to-be juggernaut of a series. Many claim the game is the “next Pokemon”, but I beg to differ; the game is the first Yo-kai Watch.

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