First Impressions: For Honor


Ubisoft Montreals upcoming hack and slash game For Honor pits Samurais, Vikings, and Knights against each other in a violent, historically inaccurate clash. If the magnificent concept isn’t enough, the brilliant combat system, challenging multiplayer elements, and gender inclusiveness make the effort worth keeping an eye on.

I had a chance to see the game in action during Fan Expo in Toronto earlier this month, first during a hands-on multiplayer demo on the show floor and then again at a live campaign preview during a panel with the game’s developers. The panel footage showcased the same mission seen at E3 2016, but it was slightly altered thanks to choices made in real time by Game Director Roman Campos-Oriola and Brand Creative Director Louis-Pierre Pharand.

So far, the developers are remaining tight-lipped about the game’s narrative. According to Pharand, the team is “just trying to get it done,” and has no definitive answers regarding the length of the campaign. Given the level of detail already present in the multiplayer demo, the lack of information about the campaign indicates that they’re either withholding something amazing, or that single-player is a secondary priority. Both Campos-Oriola and Pharand seemed somewhat unenthusiastic when discussing the story, which leads me to believe that it may be the latter.



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