Interview: Matt Hammill, Asteroid Base (Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime)


I got the chance to talk with Matt Hammill, artist and designer at Astroid Base, about the studio’s debut game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, and you’ll never believe what he said! #5 is insane! Interview gone wrong!

Ok, I’m done. Here’s how it went…

If you could describe Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime to someone who has never played it, what would you say?

MH: It’s a two player game, and you are frantically trying to pilot an awkward spaceship together. Each player can only control one section of the ship at a time – like a turret, shield, or engine – and you have to work together. You’ll have to make sure the other person is doing what they are supposed to be doing, because things are trying to kill you, robots are attacking, and you need to rescue space bunnies.

And this is Asteroid Base’s first game, right?

MH: This is our first game as a studio, but I did one iOS game in 2011 called Gesundheit!. It was a stealth-action pig snot game. But yes, this is the first game for the three of us [Hammill, Jamie Tucker, Adam Winkels] as a studio.

Well, the game is out in the wild now for all to play. What has the reaction been to it?

MH: It’s been really cool. We’ve been working on it for almost three years, I think, and it’s really weird to have this thing that you’ve been working on suddenly go out into the world, but it’s been really great. People have been writing reviews of it on Steam, and that’s really awesome. Thanks random strangers!

As of right now, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is only available on Steam and Xbox One. Do you have any plans to port it to other systems?

MH: We may or may not have anything to announce in the future at some point. That’s all I can say right now.

Putting this out there, I think this would be a cool game on Wii U. The art style and mechanics would feel right at home.

MH: I could see that!

So as far as your studio is concerned, is the focus on promotion of this game or are you looking forward and discussing the next title?

MH: Right now we’re still working on this game. There will be some follow-up content to release as soon as we can, and then we’re going to be figuring out what’s next. We’ve got some ideas, so we’ll see what happens.

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