News: Uncharted 4 free DLC, updates coming tomorrow

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Naughty Dog has revealed the first free DLC and a “major update” for Uncharted 4 will be arriving tomorrow.

According to the developer, the added content will bring the first free map, new guns, boosters, skins, taunts, custom matches and loadout names, a “revamp to Ranked Team Deathmatch”, and more.

The updates will be previewed on Twitch at 2:30 EST, followed by an Uncharted 4 Ranked and post-patch discussion at the same time on June 30. Click here for Naughty Dog’s official Twitch account.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

While it’s cool that Naughty Dog will support the multiplayer aspect of this game, I don’t think the mode was significant enough to keep playing. It felt underwhelming, and there are too many other great games to waste you life away with.



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